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OAR live is always amazing. I have never witnessed a bad show!
Daniel Hildebrandt 07/05/15
04/18/2015 Hoyt Sherman Place Theater
These guys absolutely rocked it (as they always do) at White River. No better band to see live!
Wonderfully amazing! Love OAR. Having a full blown love afair!
kim kozlowski 03/22/15
07/14/2007 Red Rocks Amphitheatre
I made my first trip to Red Rocks from Philly and this show was amazing! Amazing venue as well, I'll definitely be coming back. The sky rained cards during Poker
My favorite band,they never let me down!
Another awesome show! Not my favorite venue to see OAR at, but I had a great time!
Simply Amazing!!
Best song ever!
Sorry what a joke u guys saying they played a awful setlist. A dmb doesn't care. They play bad setlist now oar Cares and always will the a one of the best live bands around. Man. Dmb is a band that lost there love for playing oar still cares alot the new album shows it how good it is 18 years and still puttin... Read More
R u guys kidding me they have 2 play the new album which is a great album and they been playing great show. What a joke u day set been awful
I arrived at the amphitheater at 5:30 to be the first one in Mizner Park. I secured my front row seats for the show and didn't move the entire night! Every time I see OAR, it gets better and better!! I LOVE the Rockville LP but all the old songs are so classic, I never get tired of listening to them. Their sound is... Read More
Jodi Ellerstein 12/23/14
11/15/2014 Mizner Amphitheatre