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MixFest 2014




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"While my guitar gently weeps" was AMAZING, BUT, OAR seemed rushed throughout the rest of the concert. Great venue, but having a curfew put a damper on what should have been a memorable night. Phillip Phillips running long negatively affected the rest of the night.
David Christie 10/21/14
07/26/2014 Chastain Park Amphitheatre
Love the show, loved Phillip Phillips as the opener! Great time can't wait til you come back!
Jen 10/21/14
06/13/2014 Crossroads
Awesome show!
I made the trip in to SLC from Atlanta for this show. it was absolutely incredible. great energy through out the night,and it was nice to see a lot of the new songs mixed in with a lot of the old favorites. This show had the freestyle intro on night shift that has made it a favorite of a lot of people, as well as one o... Read More
William Kirwan 10/09/14
10/02/2014 The Depot
Great show but Love And Memories (last song) is not included.

@David: Love And Memories is included within That Was a Crazy Game of Poker. -LiveOAR
David Simonson 08/15/14
08/09/2014 Skyline Music Festival
What an amazing way to spend our 6th anniversary!!!! 2nd row center!!! WOW!!!! Loved the concert and just bought the concert mp3!!!
Chris 08/03/14
06/12/2014 Fox Theatre
Excellent package. Night 1 was the entire Live from MSG set list, followed by Peace, Shattered, and Fool In the Rain, giving the fans of the band since before "All Sides" an amazing night.

Nights 1
Overall, just an amazing show. This one features a new Piano intro to "Heard the world" which is fantastic. "About Mr. Brown" was the opener that night because it rained, and rained hard through most of the day to the point that we thought it might be canceled. Fortunately, it wasn't, and we got to have an awesome show... Read More
This show was great! You guys really know how to put on a show and make awesome music to bring people together.
The show was good, but it was definitely cut short due to the curfew and Phillip Phillips' set going well over 30 minutes over what it should have been, per the schedule we saw in the production office on the way into the VIP. There was plenty of energy, but the crowd was left bewildered at the end of the show.
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William Kirwan 07/28/14
07/26/2014 Chastain Park Amphitheatre
Even up against a curfew O.A.R. put on an amazing show! Great way to end the summer.