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Unbelievable show. OAR never disappoints. Love the set list Great version of Poker.
Attended this show...stood on rail. Very nice performance.
Great show! While crowd was into it and so was the band
Great time, great set! Lots of energy and great opener! Felt like the band played in front of friends...love it!
Brian lann 11/22/14
11/21/2014 F Shed
Great show. Awesome venue and even better set list....Best show out of the 5 I've seen so far!
My first O.A.R. show and my mind was blown. So amazing live. Can't wait until the next one!!
Stan 11/18/14
11/16/2014 Jannus Live
All my "Favorite Song"a and my new favs. Such an awesome show!!!
Steven Asselin 11/17/14
07/05/2014 Meadowbrook
Best O.A.R. show I've been to so far!
My wife and I thought this show was the most amazing out of the 3 shows we've been to since our first show at Pompano Bch in 2012. They played our favorite songs.
Forest Capps 11/17/14
11/13/2014 Barbara B Mann PAC
awesome show. Never disappoint. Great venue and with some different songs thrown in.
Brian 11/17/14
11/16/2014 Jannus Live
Great night in Asheville. A lot of energy from the crowd and the band. Got a little 'Jammy". I had a great time watching Benj playing. Very talented.
Brian Nydish 11/15/14
11/11/2014 Orange Peel
Great recording of an absolutely amazing show. Nathan Chapman joined the band to play the songs off The Rockville LP, adding vocals and guitar that accented the songs without overpowering. It was a fantastic show, the crowd was energetic, and sang along enthusiastically. The set list was packed with long time fav... Read More
Wil Kirwan 11/10/14
11/07/2014 Marathon Music Works